Oil free salad – Vitamin bomb

Oil free salad - Vitamin bomb

vitamin bomb Oil free salad Ingredients 1 large potato or sweet potato (boiled for 7 minutes and cooled down)- cut into cubes. Small head of lettuce- I prefer Romain lettuce- torn to smaller pieces. 1 small red onion- I find it milder than white one. ½ avocado – sliced. 1 medium tomato – chopped. 1 […]

Chocolate Balls

5 ingredients protein chocolate balls protein chocolate balls 2 cups of no sugar cornflakes cereal- crushed (can be done in a blender, make sure it is not too fine) 3 tablespoon of any nut butter( I have used peanut as had it handy) – make sure it doesn’t contain additional sugar and oil. 2 tablespoon […]