vitamin bomb

Oil free salad:

Oil-Free Vegan Vitamin Bomb Salad – a nutrient-packed delight for your taste buds! Not only visually appealing but also a powerhouse of vitamins and flavors. Perfect for those looking to savor a wholesome, plant-based dish that’s oil light but rich in nutritional goodness.

oil free salad Ingredients:

Oil free salad - Vitamin bomb

oil free Dressing:

oil free dressing Ingredients:


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Final Note:

This versatile recipe caters to your personal taste preferences – feel free to swap any of the mentioned veggies with your favorites, ensuring a personalized twist to every bite. For those seeking a heartier alternative, you can even replace the greens with a carbohydrate source like rice, adding a new dimension to the dish.

Elevating the flavor profile is the dressing, a luscious combination of beetroot, nutritional yeast, and sunflower seeds. However, for a creamy and nutty variation, consider substituting sunflower seeds with soaked cashews. This tweak not only infuses a rich creaminess into the dressing but also enhances the nutritional value with the goodness of cashew nuts.

Feel free to unleash your creativity; there’s truly no limit to the variety of veggies you can incorporate. Add your favorite greens, get adventurous, and make it as vibrant and flashy as you desire! This salad is your canvas, allowing you to experiment and tailor it to your taste, ensuring a colorful and delightful feast of flavors. The more veggies, the merrier – let your imagination run wild!