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Vegan Maniac

How To Be Vegan, Muay Thai Passion, and Personal life changing Journey

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My name is PJ and on social media, I go by Vegan Maniac, and I am passionate about cooking things vegan. If you’re curious about my culinary prowess, check out my eBook, featuring 25 exquisite recipes that will transform your favorite dishes into delectable vegan delights. From plant-based eggs to mouthwatering vegan sticky ribs and kebabs, I’ve got you covered, and I will share how to be vegan.

My partner and I share a deep devotion to Muay Thai, weaving our love for martial arts into our travels. Instead of collecting typical souvenirs, we’ve made it our mission to amass a collection of cherished Muay Thai shorts and t-shirts. šŸ˜Š

Recently, we launched this blog to bring a wealth of intriguing ideas to your virtual doorstep. If you share our love for travel, martial arts, and plant-based living, consider this your digital home.

Our vegan journey commenced in 2016 after witnessing Gary Yourofsky’s transformative speech titled “The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear.” It reshaped our perception of animals and the impact of our choices. You can watch the speech for those curiousā€”it’s truly worth your time.

As a self-taught cook with over seven years of experience in the vegan kitchen, I draw from culinary roots steeped in traditional Polish cuisine. Yes, we used to fry with lard and enjoyed toast with lard for breakfast! šŸ˜Š If you’re contemplating transitioning to a plant-based diet and worry about missing the flavors of meat and dairy, fear notā€”I’ve got your back.

Aside from the eBook,Ā  I’ll be sharing more delectable recipes on the blog, offering a diverse array of vegan delights for you to savor.

Dive into our blog, where you’ll find insights into the gyms we’ve explored, the structure of our Muay Thai training routines, captivating pictures, and much more. Expect valuable tips, advice, and anecdotes from our journeys and excursions. So, fasten your seatbeltsā€”adventure beckons, and we’re thrilled to have you along for the ride!