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Training for the first time in Thailand- Sitjaopho Hua Hin

Sitjaopho Muay Thai Hua Hin Thailand

Our journey to Hua Hin, Thailand, was a significant jump from our regular training routines to engage ourselves in the authentic world of Muay Thai, a martial art that has intrigued us for years. While most tourists head to the more popular destinations like Phuket or Samui, we were drawn to the tranquil charm of Hua Hin, a beach resort town just three hours from Bangkok. Its quiet beaches and the laid-back atmosphere seemed like the perfect environment for us to focus on our training and embrace the local culture.

Hua Hin is distinct from the usual tourist hotspots, offering peace and a setting that feels more like a home away from home. 

Choosing to train at the Sitjaopho gym was a decision driven by our desire to learn from the best. The gym’s reputation among Muay Thai enthusiasts is stellar, known for its dedication to the Muay Femur style, which emphasizes intelligence, grace, and precision. Training under the guidance of Pisit Kambang, also known as Kru F, we were stepping into a legacy of Muay Thai that promised to challenge and refine our technique. Although his twin brother, Kru O, was away in Sweden, the spirit of their shared experience was felt within the gym’s walls.


During a private class, Kru F shared the story of how he and his brother started their Muay Thai journey at the age of 8/9. He described their early days of training with passion, highlighting the challenges and discipline that shaped them into the  practitioners they are today.

Our feelings of excitement were mixed with a bit of nervousness. It wasn’t just about improving our physical skills but also about connecting more deeply with Muay Thai’s rich history and traditions, right at its source. This experience in Hua Hin was set to be more than just a series of training sessions; it was an opportunity to live and breathe Muay Thai in a way we had never did before, and we were about to stay there for 3 whole months.

SITJAOPHO - About the gym

Hua Hin Town is situated approximately a 3-hour drive from Bangkok, and Sitjaopho is just a 20-minute bike ride from the Hua Hin town center. It’s relatively easy to locate with the help of Google Maps. Upon arriving at the destination, you’ll find plenty of space to park your scooter outside the gym.

The gym space is not exceptionally large, as it is located in the front yard of the owner’s home, but it manages to be very functional for training purposes. The front area is equipped with bags and a space designated for pad work and sparring rounds, including a decent-sized ring where people can also engage in pad training and sparring. The back area features mirrors and is utilized for skipping, shadowboxing, sparring, and stretching/warm-ups. Adjacent to this mirrored space, you’ll discover some gym equipment like gloves, shin guards, and pads. When we first arrived without any gear, we were welcome to borrow some for the duration of our training.

Additionally, at the very back, there are dumbbells, a selection of heavy skipping ropes, and an assortment of nice shorts, t-shirts, and other gear available for purchase. You can also talk to the trainers if you’re interested in acquiring a unique Sitjaopho training t-shirt or Muay Thai shorts—they’re more than willing to assist you.

Sitjaopho Training Structure

Classess and Experience

The classes at the gym are scheduled for 8 AM and 4 PM from Monday to Saturday but contact the gym directly for more accurate information. Due to personal reasons, we were only able to attend the morning sessions, but we learned that the afternoon classes often focus more on clinching. Private sessions with any of the trainers can also be arranged. These typically occur after the group classes, but it’s necessary to coordinate with the trainers directly.

The training structure is unlike anything we’ve experienced before. It felt like transitioning from high school to university, where the responsibility to learn shifts entirely to the student. Participation in activities such as running, which is encouraged around the countryside location of the gym, is optional.

The environment before class is dynamic; some attendees jog, others jump rope, engage with the bags, or start their warm-ups and stretching. Despite this initial flexibility, classes have a structure, and attendees are briefed on the activities to follow. Trainers individually invite students for pad work, consisting of three rounds of three minutes each, succeeded by 20 rapid roundhouse kicks per leg.

After pad work, participants put on shin guards for sparring sessions. Finding a sparring partner is straightforward, with options to partner with other students or trainers. The gym emphasizes technical skills in sparring and pad work over power, ensuring a safe and educational environment. Kru F often highlighted the importance of rhythm, offense, defense, and maintaining a relaxed (Sabai) approach.

Post-sparring, the routine includes 100 knee strikes and 100 push kicks on a bag, followed by sit-ups and push-ups. Additional stretching or further training is optional.

The atmosphere at Sitjaopho Gym is welcoming and free from ego, devoted to learning, and an improvement-focused environment. Regardless of the number of attendees, everyone gets a chance to work with the trainers on the pads. The gym’s global reputation attracts people from all over, creating a friendly and social atmosphere, especially noticeable during post-session chats.

our Experience at Sitjaopho

We started with group classes but later switched to private ones with our trainers, training together to record our progress. The private lessons were similar to group ones but let us choose what to focus on. 

We typically began with 5 minutes of heavy rope skipping. Trainers had us do pad work for 3 or 4 rounds, then 20 to 30 speed kicks with each leg. After that, we sparred for about 3 rounds, adjusting the speed and difficulty to match our level. They were ready to speed things up if we wanted, mixing in simple but effective combos. We also had time for a laugh and to ask questions about the training or the trainers. They were always willing to go over anything we wanted to practice again.

At the end, you’re asked to complete 100 knee strikes and 100 push kicks, followed by push-ups and sit-ups. Stretching afterward is optional.

During our training, we had the opportunity to work with Kru F, Hinphet, PhetMai, and Yokphet. Each of them brought their unique approach to training, yet they all shared a common dedication. They fully committed their time and attention to us.

We always like to take something home from training, usually a T-shirt or Muay Thai shorts. This time, we got cool Sitjaopho t-shirts with the logo of the famous twin brothers. We also bought shorts, which are of great quality. But a tip: if you don’t want them too tight, choose a size larger than normal. I ended up with two pairs as Filip’s were too tight because he chose the wrong size:)

If you’re interested in following our training journey, please click to visit our YouTube channel. There, you’ll find all the training sessions we’ve managed to record at Sitjaopho. This is the first time we’ve documented our training in such a way. We’re thrilled we decided to do it, as it serves as a wonderful reminder of this amazing experience.

At Sitjaopho, there’s also the exciting opportunity to join in Muay Thai fights, typically organized at various gyms on weekends during special events. All you need to do is talk openly with your coach about your interest in participating. They are always ready to listen and provide the best advice. The coaches excel in training and preparing you, ensuring you’re in top form and ready to give your best performance. Some fighters even get the chance to compete at the prestigious Rajadamern Stadium in Bangkok. During our last days in Thailand, we had the privilege of witnessing this firsthand. One remarkable individual from Sweden- Jovan, whom we met secured a match at the Rajadamern KnockOut Gala and performed exceptionally well! Rajadamnern and Lumpinee Stadiums are are a must-see for Muay Thai enthusiasts, offering a life-changing experience!

Thank you Note

We’ve met so many wonderful people and discovered that many of them return to Hua Hin and Sitjaopho regularly. There’s a good reason for their loyalty. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the trainers who dedicated their time to train with us. It has been an incredible experience, and training in Thailand for the first time was exceptionally amazing. We learned a lot and gave it our all. Though we had to leave, the experience left a lasting impression on us, and we’ve promised ourselves that we’ll be back! Thank you.

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