vegan wedding!

Planting Love: beautiful wedding Celebration

Adam and Magda are a wonderful young couple whom we have known for many years. They reside in the U.K and have a delightful two-year-old daughter named Lexa, who has been vegan since birth. In addition to being loving parents to Lexa, they also share their home with two adopted cats, Luna and Loki.

Despite the age gap between us and them (Adam is the son of our close friends), we’ve always considered them people with whom you can have a great time and engage in meaningful conversations. They share similar values and ideas with us.

I vividly remember the moment they got engaged—during their holiday in Thailand back in 2019, specifically in Phuket if I recall correctly. They shared the news with us, and we were genuinely happy for them.  Interestingly, I find myself writing this post a week after attending their wedding while lounging on a couch in Thailand. 😊

Thank you to everyone attending the wedding

Fast forward to 2023, when we were in Poland, minding our own business, they called us again with news to share. I had a hunch about what it could be; after all, it had been three years since the engagement, so this must be it.

Turns out, I was right—they invited us to a wedding in the U.K. at the beginning of December, and we were thrilled for them, especially when we learned that it would be a fully vegan celebration 😊

Both Adam and Magda are plant-based enthusiasts who share a love for good food, with Magda being skilled in preparing delicious seitan dishes. I’ve had the pleasure of trying her creations a few times, and I can honestly say they were among the best.

Their vibrant and energetic two-year-old daughter, Lexa, is also vegan and has been since birth.

wedding location and celebration

The wedding took place on December 9th, starting at Barnsley Town Hall, where they exchanged vows in front of all the guests. The celebration continued with the reception at Lost and Found in Sheffield, a city I had the chance to visit twice while living in the U.K. The second time, as we headed to the reception, I noticed its resemblance to Leeds—full of universities, young people, and places to eat and drink.

Upon arriving, we were greeted at the front desk and led to the upstairs private area where functions were organized. A staff member guided us through hidden doors that looked like a massive painting but were, in fact, a passage to the next room😊 There, we had the chance to see the beautiful table setup.

They did an amazing job with all the decorations, designed by the bride for her big day😊 As seen in the pictures, it looked magical with flowers on the table and above. Chandeliers resembling candle lights added a nice touch to the overall look. Each guest was seated in their selected spot with a menu bearing their names.

The beautiful setup was completed with handmade fragrant candles and homemade flavored vodka shots—all crafted by the bride and groom. Despite my Polish roots, I could taste the punch in my shot😊

A clever idea was to provide each guest with coupons for cocktails and drinks, exchangeable at the bar or shareable with another guest abstaining from alcohol. Additionally, there was a small corner table with soft drinks, water, cold beers, and some wine.

In another intriguing corner, there was a variety of vegan desserts. At the center was a wedding cake that had to be moved to the corner because Lexa couldn’t resist helping herself whenever she passed the table😊 It was amusing to watch as she left small finger marks on the white cake layer, revealing the chocolate beneath. Next to the cake were different types of brownies, such as Biscoff and raspberry, Krispy Kreme doughnuts with various fillings, and chocolate rum balls, known as Polish bajaderka. Bride’s mother-in-law, also named Magda, crafted delicious shortcrust tarts filled with vanilla custard and fresh berries. I had the pleasure of trying them, and they were so tasty that I went for seconds multiple times.

Overall, all the cakes were amazing. As I write this, I find myself wishing I could bury my face in them all.

The dinner was a 3-course menu that was elegant and delicious. It started with a warm beetroot, red onion tart with whipped Greek cheese, walnuts, and dried tomato. This was a clear winner, as everyone commented on its deliciousness.

The main course was a pumpkin, roasted butternut squash, and sage ravioli in creamy cheese and herb oil. Despite its innocent appearance, it was filling and nourishing. I believe it was my first ravioli since I went vegan nearly eight years ago, and I was pleased with the choice.

They didn’t forget about the third course—a dessert of chocolate praline tart with chocolate blood orange ice cream. As you can probably imagine, it was incredibly tasty, and a food coma was practically guaranteed😊

I believe everyone was pleased with their food, and many didn’t even notice that it was fully vegan. But let’s face it—vegan food is amazing, and everyone should give it a try at least once😊

As the night progressed and people started dancing and moving around, a late-evening buffet was served, featuring a selection of pizzas with side salads and crispy French fries—an absolute favorite, especially after a few drinks. The food arrived fresh and still hot, delivered by the super-friendly Lost and Found team members. It’s worth noting that they were very helpful and attentive to the guests’ needs.

Magda and Adam looked stunning on their special night. They had prepared vows that they exchanged at the beginning of the reception, moving quite a few people to tears—myself included😊

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for making us a part of that special day and, from the bottom of my heart, wish them all the happiness in the world.