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Star Kickboxing Gym Hanoi Vietnam

After spending three incredible months in Hua Hin, Thailand, our visas ran out, but we weren’t ready to return home yet, especially with winter still gripping Poland. We needed a new destination where we could continue enjoying warm weather and maintain our kickboxing training momentum. Additionally, we sought a place with beautiful views and exciting attractions. Vietnam emerged as the perfect choice, and we decided to stay in Hanoi for two months. During our research, we discovered a highly-rated gym that looked impressive on social media and was conveniently within walking distance from our hotel: Star Kickboxing Gym.

We applied for a three-month visa online while still in Thailand and received approval within a week, granting us a three-month stay in Vietnam. There are different types of visas available, including a multiple-entry visa, which is ideal if you plan to travel in and out of the country frequently. This visa allows unlimited travel to other countries as long as it remains valid. However, we opted for a single-entry visa since we knew we wouldn’t be traveling outside Vietnam during our stay.

Hanoi Vietnam - Star Kickboxing Gym Incredible
Hanoi Vietnam - Star Kickboxing Gym Incredible

The flight from Bangkok, Thailand, to Hanoi, Vietnam, is very convenient and fast, taking approximately two hours. We flew with Thai Airlines, and to our surprise, we were offered a hot meal on this short flight. It seems this is quite common with Thai Airlines, adding an extra touch of comfort to the journey.

Before flying to Hanoi, while awaiting our visa approval, we contacted Star Gym on Instagram to learn more about their training schedule, prices, trainers, and opening hours. Their response was prompt and very helpful. They provided valuable insights about places to stay, must-see attractions in Hanoi, and nearby destinations in Vietnam that are within driving distance from the capital.

To learn more about Star Gym, you can check them out on Instagram.

STAR KICKBOXING - About the gym

Star Kickboxing Gym is located in the Tay Ho area of Hanoi. Also known as West Lake, Tay Ho is one of the most scenic and tranquil areas in Hanoi. Situated northwest of the city’s Old Quarter, it features a large freshwater lake covering approximately 500 hectares (1,235 acres). The area around the lake is renowned for its upscale residential neighborhoods, trendy cafes, and vibrant expatriate community, making it an ideal place for both relaxation and active living. 

The owner and head coach of Star Kickboxing Gym, Phu, began representing Vietnam in competitive Wing Chun, Karate, Nhat Nam, and Krav Maga at just 15 years old. With over 15 years of experience training international martial arts students, Phu has created a welcoming and motivating space at STAR.

When he opened STAR in 2020, his goal was to spread his passion for martial arts and build a team of like-minded professionals to support that vision. The gym boasts a diverse mix of people training there, offering the most professional and friendly service at the best value in the city. As one of the few independent fitness centers in Tay Ho, STAR is confident in providing the most professional training in the area. 

When you enter the gym, which is easy to find thanks to a large star banner on the outside, you are always greeted with smiles and warm welcomes from the reception team. They are always happy to see you and ready to assist with any questions regarding classes, memberships, or bookings. The team can also provide advice on popular classes and suggest which ones might be good for you to try while you are in Hanoi.

The gym area is quite spacious, ensuring that classes are not overcrowded. They limit the number of spots per class but offer sessions frequently, so you can definitely find a suitable time for yourself. The gym features numerous punching bags for effective training sessions, a space with weights for strength and conditioning, a mat area with mirrors for group and private classes, and a ring for sparring sessions. There is also an upstairs area dedicated mainly to yoga and stretching. Additionally, the gym is equipped with showers and toilets for your convenience

Hanoi Vietnam - Star Kickboxing Gym Incredible
Hanoi Vietnam - Star Kickboxing Gym Incredible
Hanoi Vietnam - Star Kickboxing Gym Incredible
Hanoi Vietnam - Star Kickboxing Gym Incredible
Hanoi Vietnam - Star Kickboxing Gym Incredible

Star Kickboxing Training Structure

Classess and Experience

Star Kickboxing Gym boasts a team of experienced coaches who specialize in various areas of training, ensuring comprehensive coverage of martial arts disciplines. Coach Phu specializes in Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Krav Maga, and also conducts self-defense classes. Coaches Phong and Huy, with whom we trained the most in Muay Thai classes, are highly skilled in Muay Thai, focusing on technique and movement. Phong is also an experienced competitive athlete, participating in numerous competitions across Vietnam. Dom and Nang have similar expertise, but we primarily did strength and conditioning training with them, which was a great addition to our overall training regimen.

If you choose to buy a membership for a specified period, the gym advises downloading an app called Fit by Wix, which makes booking sessions very convenient. Classes are held from Monday to Sunday, ensuring plenty of availability throughout the week. The group classes offered include Muay Thai/Kickboxing for adults, sparring sessions, boxing, strength and conditioning, kids’ kickboxing, BootCamp, and yoga. You can even book an ice bath with the reception team! Classes are usually held twice a day, in the morning and evening. For the exact schedule, visit their website.

If you don’t have your own training gear, there’s no need to worry. Star Kickboxing Gym provides plenty of boxing gloves and even hand wraps. They take great care of the equipment, ensuring gloves are dried and washed after each training session. Additionally, the gym offers free water and towels, making it easy for you to focus solely on your training.

Structure of the trainings

The training structure at Star Kickboxing Gym includes a generous warm-up period, which typically involves running or skipping, both vital parts of martial arts training. For those who prefer running, the gym also offers a high-quality non-motorized curved treadmill. After the warm-up, there is a thorough stretching session to ensure your body is flexible from head to toe.

Classes are tailored to the abilities of the students, with attendees often paired up for drills. One person holds the pads while the other focuses on technique, and then they switch roles. Trainers also hold pads, inviting students one by one for a round of pad work. On some days, when paired up with a partner, students wear full gear and train drills on each other for a few rounds.

Trainers like to vary the routine, incorporating bag work where you drill moves until the round is over. While training with your partner, trainers provide personalized feedback to help improve your technique. As the class concludes, depending on the trainer, there might be a core workout or strength training using various gym equipment.

Strength and conditioning classes are divided by specific body parts targeted on different days. One day might focus on the upper body, while another is dedicated to legs and glutes. These sessions also start with a warm-up and stretching. The trainer sets up stations with weights chosen for each student. Each station involves different exercises with varying repetitions, typically repeated four times.

Although we primarily attended group classes of Thai Boxing, sparring and private classes, we noticed that the upstairs yoga classes were a popular option for many, offering great benefits for flexibility and balance. Strength and conditioning classes were also in high demand among students, as were the Thai boxing classes.

If you prefer personalized attention, you can book a private class with any of the available coaches. They usually have plenty of time slots to accommodate your schedule, making it easy to find a session that works for you.

our Experience at Star

Our experience at Star Kickboxing Gym was very positive. We arrived with the goal of training at least four times a week and chose the monthly membership, which allowed us to attend as many classes as we wanted. Fortunately, there was a March promotion, giving us an additional seven days of free training. This meant we got five weeks of training for the price of four, allowing us to focus on private sessions during the last week.

Coming from Thailand, where we had been training, we thought we were physically prepared for Hanoi. However, the humid air in Hanoi proved more challenging initially, but we adjusted within a week. We trained in Thai boxing group classes and met many great people. The classes were enjoyable yet demanding.

Strength and conditioning classes were new for us, as we had previously only used resistance equipment on our own. Training under the watchful eyes of the trainers proved invaluable, as they showed us the proper techniques to maximize results. I realized that some of my weight training techniques were incorrect, but with the trainers’ guidance, I felt the impact on my muscles the next day.

Private Classess

For our private classes, we trained with three different Muay Thai trainers, each offering a unique perspective and training style. This time, we chose to train separately rather than together, allowing us to focus on individual skills and techniques.

Hanoi Vietnam - Star Kickboxing Gym Incredible
Hanoi Vietnam - Star Kickboxing Gym Incredible
Hanoi Vietnam - Star Kickboxing Gym Incredible

Phong: Phong structured the entire class around sparring, which we had agreed upon beforehand. The session ended with some clinching techniques, providing a comprehensive sparring-focused training experience.

Huy: Huy’s private class included both sparring and pad work. He organized the rounds to train different strikes: starting with punches and elbows, then moving to kicks and knees, followed by sparring drills. The session concluded with a relaxing massage, a pleasant way to end the intense workout.

Phu: With Phu, we focused more on refining our technique and improving in areas where we were less skilled, such as clinching tips. He also demonstrated cool counter-attack strategies for different strikes and held the pads for several rounds, some lasting up to 10 minutes.

Each trainer provided a unique training experience, making the private sessions diverse and enriching. They were all happy to take photos with us at the end of the sessions, always with big smiles.

Thank you Note

We would like to extend a big thank you to all the members of Star Gym for having us and being so welcoming and enjoyable to train with. A special thank you to Gemma, who was always happy to help us with recommendations for places to stay and must-visit attractions in Vietnam.

We also want to express our gratitude to the wonderful people we trained with—Denis, Estera, April, and many others. Thank you for learning and growing with us.

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Hanoi Vietnam - Star Kickboxing Gym Incredible