Dee Muay Thai Bali – Muay Thai

Dee Muay Thai Bali

Dee Muay THai bali THE UNFORGETTABLE MUAY THAI EXPERIENCE Dee Muay Thai Bali how it all started Back in 2018, we decided to break free from our quiet lives of occasional parties and full-time jobs – me as a helpdesk coordinator and my boyfriend as a yard marshal for Amazon Company. On weekends, we enjoyed […]

Oil free salad – Vitamin bomb

Oil free salad - Vitamin bomb

vitamin bomb Oil free salad Ingredients 1 large potato or sweet potato (boiled for 7 minutes and cooled down)- cut into cubes. Small head of lettuce- I prefer Romain lettuce- torn to smaller pieces. 1 small red onion- I find it milder than white one. ½ avocado – sliced. 1 medium tomato – chopped. 1 […]

Pico do Areeiro trip with Nestor

Pico do Areeiro

A Day to remember! Pico do Areeiro trip with Nestor Take a hike! 😊 But we didn’t want to leave too early… This hike was one of the best trips that we have done so far. A bit dangerous, a bit scary, but with stunning views and decent group of people… Pico Do Areeiro at […]

Monte Palace Tropical Garden

Monte Palace Tropical Garden

A Day to remember! Monte Palace Tropical Garden To go down one must first climb up, but we took a cable car up to Monte Botanical Garden – not because we were lazy but because two of us have a fear of heights and we wanted to conquer it for once😊 There are several options […]

Asia Wien – Muay Thai


Asia Wien THE UNFORGETTABLE MUAY THAI EXPERIENCE Muay Thai in Vienna Training Muay Thai at Asia Wien As Tom Ford once said- The most important things in life are the connections you make with others. If it weren’t for the above, we wouldn’t have had a chance to travel to Vienna and therefore would not […]

Madeira South Coast Tour

Madeira South Coast Tour

A Day to remember! Madeira South Coast Tour We have visited Madeira back in 2014 and I always had a feeling that one day I will be back to this beautiful Island. For many years this gorgeous, green, and friendly place got stuck in head, even though we have lived in Bali for a while […]