ADMTM – Madeira Muay Thai Sports Association


ADMTM TEam THE UNFORGETTABLE MUAY THAI EXPERIENCE Muay Thai in Madeira Training Muay Thai at the Hawaii of Europe I often say that the best thing about Muay Thai is the popularity of this sport and the fact that you can train in every country you visit. We really wanted to return to Madeira as […]

Chocolate Balls

5 ingredients protein chocolate balls protein chocolate balls 2 cups of no sugar cornflakes cereal- crushed (can be done in a blender, make sure it is not too fine) 3 tablespoon of any nut butter( I have used peanut as had it handy) – make sure it doesn’t contain additional sugar and oil. 2 tablespoon […]

Muay Thai Madeira

muay thai

MUAY THAI MADEIRA TRAINING VLOG – Partner Drills WARM UP 01. Skipping – 5 minutes 02. Stretching – 10 minutes Head, Shoulders, Arms, Wrists, Neck, Elbows 03. Stance Drills 3 Rounds – 1 Minute Each Round 1 – Stance drills Moving forward, backward, left and right – 5 steps in each direction Round 2 – […]